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What’s the effect of all that marching? What comes next?

An organizer I met years ago asked on Facebook: “Radical and organizer friends: Is it significant that the movement forming against Trump isn’t about a specific cause or platform, but in opposition to an entire government? Should we give ourselves … Continue reading

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[Public-Private Vocational Education Partnerships] Vocational Education and Jobs Training

From the archives – I found the printed version among other stuff I have written and I decided to post it online. I spend a lot of time thinking about appropriate job/ skills training. 10/24/2011 The United State‚Äôs fragmented jobs … Continue reading

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How Do You Feel About Cursive? Call Me Old School But…

Although I read and found out about this a while ago, I remain bugged by the fact that cursive writing is being eliminated. There are are arguments made for and against this move. This piece in the New York Times … Continue reading

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