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First, a confession. I have misplaced my New Years resolution book. There are about 6 years of insight in the darned miniature notebook and I’m fearing it’s lost forever, although I maintain the slightest bit of hope that I will find it as well as 6 years worth of lessons learned. Great news, between draft one and revision one, my notebook was found. It was actually started in 2005 and now holds 10 years worth of introspection.

Reflections on 2015

2015 was crazy for me but also good. I spent it far from home. Although I never thought I would leave Santa Barbara, circumstances were such, that we left town to try somewhere new. We moved to Campbell, a suburb of San Jose where my liberal self jumped through many hoops — the most I’ve ever jumped through for a job, to become the Government Relations Manager for the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce. In truth I loved it.  My pragmatic progressive attitude makes me believe that Dems need to take business and the business of prosperity back into our language, platform, and dominion.

We connected with one of Mark’s friends and her family and I really appreciated the time spent with them and a few other acquaintances but alas, we found ourselves coming home two or three weekends amounts to visit family and friends, so when our lease ran out, we decided we needed to be back home.

While I loved my job with the Chamber, it was only part time and rents up there were far pricier than even Santa Barbara’s rental market. In the rest of the time when I wasn’t working, I got certified for medical interpreting. When we moved back I jumped right into medical interpreting in North Santa Barbara County. I had a short stint working for Dream Foundation as a Marketing and Events Coordinator. While they hired me for my social media expertise what they really needed was an intern that they could pay a lot less money that would handle their social media as directed. I did through my month-long stay at Dream Foundation learn about the presence of death. People would write in requests for first visits to the beach, comfortable blankets, outings with their loved ones and so many other things that I personally take for granted. Becoming aware of death made me so much more thankful to be alive and for the way in which I enjoy those in my life.

At the end of November, I completed a project that had been in the works for a while. I recorded a course at Lynda.com called Social Media for Non-Profits which will be available online in January of 2016. Lynda.com is owned by LinkedIn and is a leading online learning platform. Originally I wrote a course and pitched it as a book to publishing houses that had previously published books in the online marketing space. That’s how I connected with Matt Wagner, now my agent. Matt  said he thought it would work well as a course, and he pitched it to Lynda.com in the Spring. Recording the course was fun and maybe something I would like to try again in the future.

I continue doing medical interpreting which is a very rewarding job. (A word about interpreting: interpreting is oral consecutive language facilitation while translating is in written form) I am however looking for either full-time work that could be challenging or engaging with benefits or opportunities for fun projects. One thing we know about me is that my worse enemy is boredom.

On a personal note, I enjoyed time spent alone with my husband and our dog Mabel for our first year together. We made an adventure out of each weekend spent away from SB and explored Santa Cruz, San Franciso and surrounding areas. Before our year was up we went away to Puerto Rico and a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon and had a blast! We are beginning to brainstorm our upcoming adventures for 2016.

Lastly in 2015, I returned to running. After a 20-month-break from running, this last AugustI trained for my 10th half-marathon. Not surprisingly, I found out that I still love running! And in 2015 I lost almost 30 lbs by mainly fixing poor eating habits, drinking more agua and walking my 10k steps a day or more.

2015 was a year of excellent lessons that I intend to build upon.

2016 Resolutions

So far, I have only been ale to identify a couple of resolutions for 2016 that I can share, butI’m sure by New Year’s I’ll have more thoroughly developed goals.

1. I intend to connect with acquaintances and friends on a deeper level. I have almost 3k Facebook friends. Some of these Friends, I would love to re-connect with. Others, I would love to get to know better and frankly some, I would love to disconnect from. I intend to call people up, make time for coffee or whatever. If there’s one lesson I received repeatedly in 2015 is that the most important thing we havens not tangible but rather intangible. Our most valuable treasures are friendships and family and colleagues. We’re all in this together – and like the hokey pokey, that’s what it’s all about.

2. In 2016, I intend to read more books and interesting articles. There is no shortage of excellent things to read, comment and reflect upon and it builds analytical skills and communication skills.

That’s it for me, how about for you?


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