Hopeful Resolutions 2.0: The power of NOW

Welcome to the end of 2013! Now is the time when we consider new resolutions…but they cannot become reality until we become committed to them. The first step is to write them down. A few years ago I wrote a blog post, Hopeful Resolutions about something I have been doing for years at the end of each year: 

In a small 4.5 x 3.25 inch notebook I write:

10 Things I learned in [2013]

10 Things I’m Grateful for in [2013]

10 Things I intend to create in my life in [2014]

5 Things I want to do in the next 5 years

I keep these five themes in mind:  hope, love, play more, forgive, give thanks

Last year I shared this exercise with my Toastmasters Club at the last meeting of the year. My fellow toastmasters appreciated the idea, and many went through the exercise in their own time. One club member however took his introspection further…Phillip Van Nostrand, the curliest photographer, (remember the name), wrote down his intention to move to New York within the next 5 years to seek an even bigger career in photography…

Several months later, Phil announced to the club that he had bought a ONE WAY ticket to New York for Sep 12th. He figured nothing would be much different now than five years from now. 

On December 11th he posted on Facebook that one of his photos was published in the New York Times.


Phil’s goal to shoot the cover of a Rolling Stones magazine, is without a doubt, around the corner!

Moral of the story is, this year, be not only be committed to writing down your goals, but be daring- like Phil, take a chance on pursuing your own dreams! 

Cheers to a happy and adventurous 2014! 



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