Must Handbags and Shoes Still Match? Call Me Old School But…(Part II)

I walked into Nine West today – one of the few stores that I am loyal to. Among their summer sale was an open toe high heel with a slim wooden platform in a red, orange pink color but far from a Salmon pink…I commented on it and although I was tempted by it, I shred my one hesitation: it’s such a unique color, it’ll be hard to match with a purse. The two sales attendants animatedly told me, “That doesn’t matter, now shoes and purses don’t have to match.” I thought, “Say what?! Uh, uh, girlfriends…” I see that this belief is becoming widespread.

Mind you two thirds of my days I’m dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, yet when I do dress up, it all matters and I spend a lot of time thinking about the shoes…and the purse. Because, I was raised this way.

I was disappointed that these girls were right, I’ve seen the overall trends of fashion move toward increasing sloppiness – across the board for men and women. (As a side note, I do live in a beach town where anything goes.)

In a way, I suppose these behaviors are reinforced by each of us. I would have been annoyed if one of my friends made this fashion observation but the fact that it was made by ‘sales people’ in a fashion oriented store – I was a bit appalled. Needless to say, no new shoes for me tonight.



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