How Do You Feel About Cursive? Call Me Old School But…

Although I read and found out about this a while ago, I remain bugged by the fact that cursive writing is being eliminated.

There are are arguments made for and against this move. This piece in the New York Times argues basically that why should we bother? It’s that attitude that leads to an educational system that is failing students at equipping them with basic skills, among them basic math – why bother, they have calculators. In fact there’s really no need for history either because now there’s the Internet. If kids really want to learn something they can research it. And English too, it’s such a ‘live’ language as opposed to a dead language that the rules ought to be as lenient as possible.

I’d like to be proven wrong, but watching the average Joe that is interviewed on Jay Leno’s Jaywalking segments – where subjects are interviewed about cultural knowledge at a roughly 8th grade level- I become concerned because I’m constantly aware that these are the same folks that sit on juries, make up our electorate and collectively make decisions that impact the rest of us.

I wish to equip them to thrive for their sake and in a round about way, my own. So, keep teaching cursive because its one more skill to have. Teach cursive because it’s a different exercise for hand coordination. Lastly, teach cursive because in 30 years when I’m almost 60, I plan to write cryptically in what might as well be hieroglyphs for the 30 year olds of 2043.

Behold, a cheat sheet:



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