Impress Your Coworkers – Not Just The Boss Or Client

I’ve been looking for someone in a certain profession for a project. I have many contacts in that field, many of which I would never work with because I have worked with them in the past – and know their work and work ethic.

When working, the end goal often is to keep the boss or client happy and if they’re happy, you keep your job, get promoted or find a better job. More often though you’re able to develop work partnerships with co-workers be that physical coworkers or collaborators.

Last week I wrote a LinkedIn recommendation for the current Operations Director at I met him at a company and he was a manager but in a different department than the one I worked in. A year after he left, he brought me to his new company, and I was glad to work under his leadership because I knew his work.

In this life nothing is permanent – someone who works under you or along side you today could be your boss tomorrow and vice versa so when you work, don’t just work to impress your current boss or client. Work and situations come and go but if you’re lucky you may find mutually beneficial partnerships that you can return to repeatedly. Due to the trust being built across projects, in some instances you may even develop worthwhile friendships. 



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