10 Hours to the F*ck It Bucket

New ideas come up all the time. Projects. For profit. For fun.

Creativity strikes at any given time, with it comes momentum.

I used to shelve new ideas in a notebook, but then I wouldn’t find the right time to bring them up again. On the other hand I’ve burned a lot of time on somewhat useless projects.

Some projects require the right timing, others, the right team. Sometimes there are insurmountable hurdles, others it’s just about sweat equity.

I’ve recently established a 10 hr limit on a new idea before being forced to make a decision: Pursue it, Shelve it, F*ck it. (*A friend this week captured it as the Fukit Bucket – which also refers to an actual product!)

The 10 hours aren’t meditation time, rather a time limit to how much time can be spent moving the idea forward and that includes market research, product validation, etc.

How do you handle creativity and new ideas? 



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