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Must Handbags and Shoes Still Match? Call Me Old School But…(Part II)

I walked into Nine West today – one of the few stores that I am loyal to. Among their summer sale was an open toe high heel with a slim wooden platform in a red, orange pink color but far … Continue reading

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How Do You Feel About Cursive? Call Me Old School But…

Although I read and found out about this a while ago, I remain bugged by the fact that cursive writing is being eliminated. There are are arguments made for and against this move. This piece in the New York Times … Continue reading

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Impress Your Coworkers – Not Just The Boss Or Client

I’ve been looking for someone in a certain profession for a project. I have many contacts in that field, many of which I would never work with because I have worked with them in the past – and know their … Continue reading

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10 Hours to the F*ck It Bucket

New ideas come up all the time. Projects. For profit. For fun. Creativity strikes at any given time, with it comes momentum. I used to shelve new ideas in a notebook, but then I wouldn’t find the right time to … Continue reading

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The Shredder Isle: A short anecdote

I was at OfficeMax tonight. Whenever I walk past the shredder isle at an office supply store, I can help but laugh. The first thing that comes to my mind is a memory of my sister and I running around … Continue reading

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