#lifegrammarian explained

“I was not genomed to alter reality.” “No revolutionary every was.” – Cloud Atlas…

I’ve been attending Toastmasters and it’s been fun. I’ve found it exciting just how much more attention I have paid to language and words, and ideas been conveyed not just during the hours within the club but overall in short exchanges, in talks, movies and lyrics.

There is a role that is assigned to a person in the club and it is the Grammarian. This person does two things, one of which is to – from the Competent Communicators Guide -“comment on the use of English during the course of the meeting. In addition to commenting on awkward and incorrect usage of the language, several of the members, in their report, highlight lyrical or beautiful sentences that are powerful, or depicting, or brilliant.

I seem to hear these everywhere. Years ago when I took the Women’s Economic Ventures training, in talking about ‘Finding opportunities’ our instructor Valerie made the analogy of seeing yellow VW bugs. They may or may not be many but when you’re actively thinking about them, they’re suddenly everywhere. Like the case of yellow VW bugs, and opportunities, I’m hearing beautiful sentences everywhere. I hear sentences that are powerful enough to stand alone independent of context. In a way to share these, I will be including them in my Tumblr blog which will auto post to twitter, and I will be using the hashtag #lifegrammarian.

Other examples: “Hurricane Sandy Swallows Presidential Election” “Where your attention goes, your retention goes.” “Can’t sell from an empty wagon.”

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