UPS Print Shipping Label – Virus.

I recently got a few pretty rough viruses on my computer and couldn’t figure out why.

On a separate topic, after mentioning a recent annoyance from a UPS email to an acquaintance who works for the USPS (not UPS), I was left thinking…I wonder why the email had no tracking number or phone number?

The email only contained the following message:

I tried to download the attachment and couldn’t open it. I also could not find out which program the file was compatible with. I replied to the email address it was from ( to say that I couldn’t download the attachment – but much later it bounced back.

It’s dawned on me that was the source of the virus. So lesson of the story is, be very careful with these ones…

P.S. Even when we feel we have a good sense of which emails are real and which ones aren’t we always have to be very aware of these scams, especially when the communication is received from a somewhat trusted source.

I have called UPS to let them know and forwarded the email to the fraud department. Feel free to get the word out on this one.


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