Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Less than half of 2012 remains

Carpinteria Sunrise 7.2.12

We’re starting the 27th week of the year. We’re more than halfway through.

What about the goals and plans we have for this year? If they’re not more than halfway accomplished, now is an excellent time to look back and recaliberate. Sometimes circumstances are out of our control that affect our goals. Other times, we stare at the 4th of July weekend without having paused to comtemplate these. Summer rolls in, and we’re almost always in play mode. Fair enough.

At times, we realize our goals remained the same but we didn’t make much of an effort to accomplish these. A quick break to reassess our passion for our goals, and equally importantly the timeline allows for some refreshing findings of subtle (sometimes large) accomplishments. More importantly a pause to reset allows us to realign our strategy to achieve the goals, we clearly set out to accomplish.

Perhaps the goals were too big, and progress seems slow. Maybe the goals were too small and the accomplishment; empty. Maybe the apparent shortcut, was in fact not a short cut at all. It’s alright to abandon goals that no longer are at the center of your daily intent, and seeking to complete unfinished previous goals or setting entirely new ones. Nothing is un-achievable, except for the goals we let go of.

I go through times when I feel like I’m spinning my wheels to get nowhere and fast, as I’m sure most have felt. Now is the perfect moment to press on, not harder and faster, but smarter. No matter the goals, if it’s now working, you have to ask yourself, why isn’t it working? Most of the time we know the answers to our own questions, they just take time to dig up. If you haven’t started toward reaching the goals that you seek, then, start.

Some of my life theories I stumble upon. Others I’ve inherited from family, and like it or not, our friends have a huge influence on a lot of our theories and outlooks, so, I learn from them. Sadly, they have great points, and I just recently began to encapsulate them, when I see them on Pinterest, so here are the highlights as we move on the latter part of 2012…


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