Who’s Rob Lowe?

I was never a very big TV viewer. I love movies but I don’t really care for TV so much. Sure, from time to time I’ll watch a show (now, I watch CASTLE, I got bored of Gray’s Anatomy). Overall though, while I’m fairly aware of news, and issues that matter, I am less informed than the average person on pop culture – TV stars etc. Here is my concrete example that shows how aloof I can be.

While I worked at the MTC Theaters (the Camino Real) back during High School, I was hanging out at the concession stand, all the movies had been in for a while, and there were only a couple of us there. Some co-workers were doing other duties, taking out the trash, restocking stuff, taking breaks etc.  If you’ve never noticed, all the movies are scheduled in bulk so they will all start within a half our or so, and there is a rush but it is followed by about 2 hours of downtime. At some point a fairly average guy came out of the theater, he wasn’t purchasing anything, he was just bored, whatever movie he was watching didn’t seem to keep his interest, so he just kinda came out for a break. We talked about what local people talk about, the weather, the bad movie. A little while later he starts heading back to his movie, and as he leaves the hall, my co-worker (a UCSB film studies major) comes out from the back room and says excitedly, “Woah, that was Rob Lowe! What did he say?” I look back at him, clueless as I can be, and honestly reply, “Who’s Rob Lowe?”

While I can’t say that I’ve watched something in it with him, I know at least can recognize him when I see him on the screen, and apparently, he’s quite popular.


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One Response to Who’s Rob Lowe?

  1. Vernon says:


    Please tell me those muscles are CG.

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