“And the Oscar goes to…” not the Unions, Party Poopers, but Twitter

Don’t have much time this morning for this post but if I don’t do it, I’ll forget to share three thoughts about these Oscars, hence the odd title

OSCARS and Politics: Union fights

It was interesting to me that unions were mentioned only twice last night, for two reasons. The first is that actors often like to use their 30 second speeches to insert some sort of political opininon, the more notable/ famous they are the more likely they are to get away with it. The world (as some who only watch movies and don’t follow a word of politics, or all of our foreign friends, as this show is televised world wide) would have believed last night, that all is well with the world, at least in the world of Hollywood. Second reason why this is surprising to me, is because it was only in 2008 when average Joe, in addition to every actor, was supporting the Screenwriters strike. (Thereby defending and using the power of unions), and even the Oscars almost came to a halt, and were in fact kind of somber. I don’t care one way or the other, but I do observe these trends. Maybe Hollywood isn’t the place for politics, but the truth is, it is, when they want it to be.

The OSCARS are for everybody

People may or may not like movies, and I must admit I do. But I find it funny to hear people say (of the Oscars more so) comments that are either all for or against watching them. From people who are so much more than the rest so that they obviously won’t watch such a show, to people who are obsessed and become a little much. Life is about balance, I feel, no matter your profession, it is always important to know what is important or notable around you. I never miss the Oscars, but I also don’t miss the Olympics, the Super Bowl, or The State of the Union.

Do I care about football? Not so much, but obviously if they are playing in the Super Bowl, most than likely it will be a good game, and those that I love gather to watch it so, hey why not, one more chance to gather. And I love it. The same is true of the Academy Awards. I understand if you don’t watch many movies, it might not be as fun, but it has some entertainment value.

To be honest of all TV viewing events, where masses of our nation gathers and watch, the only one that does matter, is the State of the Union, because, whomever took the Vince Lombardi trophy home, isn’t going to affect me, as much as budgetary, war and peace decisions and everyday policy.

But to be on the opposite side and not watch any of the national entertainment, just keeps you from having those few things in common that ties us together.

OSCARS and Twitter

And speaking of watching events together. Nothing has been more fun that watching the OSCARS (and all the aforementioned events) with friends in the room and Twitter on hand.

It is so fun to comment, praise or criticize in the room and read witty comments pop up on your feed. You can interact with people you don’t know, real time of events happening.

One example was Cate Blanchett’s Dress last night. One tweet said: “Thanks Blanchett for wearing my grandmother’s chair. It was funny, and we could all agree.”

Another said, shortly after Oprah appeared on stage, “Oprah is here to announce that EVERYONE IS GETTING AN OSCAR.”

(I’ll go back to find out the -twitter peeps: tweeps -who put it out there)

It is fun to connect with folks and something interesting, is that it is fairly easy to get an immediate read on what the majority of people think. Again, because I watch all these things, and do the twitter thing for all, it is quick to see where the temperature is of “the people” in an instant. Certainly people follow people that are like-minded, maybe liberal, demographically, professionally, and it skews what you find out, but of course you would’ve had to guess, that I follow people of all kinds, because I’m curious to find that balance, and tipping point.

And lastly: What did you think about the academy awards? In addition to the disappointment about James Franco, I think this year will be one quickly forgotten. Despite, the fact that I work with “the social network” as my daily platform, I was really rooting for “The King’s Speech” and was pleasantly surprised that other than Best Supporting Actor -which I felt was very deserved by Geoffery Rush, the Academy picked  The King Speech and awarded it for Best Director, Actor and Film.


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