#Dream Shattered

The failure of the legislature to pass the #Dream act, shows a very short sighted view for America. At a time when we are no longer leaders in almost any field, and where other nations are out pacing us in regard to Education, science, math, and innovation, it is inconceivable that we are denying immigrant youth the right to an education, if they are qualified to get it, under any other standard – except for their parents, and therefore, their immigration status.

Politics is an art, not a science, but it requires strategy, and not just ideology. Addressing what is best for the United States as a nation is looking to educate and make as many thriving, and successful individuals to raise the country up back to what it used to be. Those that make money, will be paying into the social security that is already going to be the creator of a larger deficit in the short term future, as babyboomers age into retirement. Why then do we let the race politics get the best of “us” and we continue to make gut decision.

As a Latina, with and undergraduate degree and the expectation of higher education for myself, I am very upset, and downright angry at the politics of this day.


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